Automation possibilitiesΒΆ

The first two activities can be set to be carried out automatically at daily, weekly or monthly intervals, depending on how frequently content is updated on the website. This is called scheduled crawl.
If you turn on this feature, changes will be checked and retrieved for translation at the specified intervals, and e-mail notification will be sent to all project participants. The new content is available right away for translation in the online editor interface, and you can also download an XLIFF for translation.

Please note that this check is technically content extraction, so it has an associated cost of EUR 2 per 1000 words.

You can enable this option in Content > Settings > Look for changes. Of course, you can set it to Only manually, if the site does not update frequently.

Scheduled Scan

The process can automatically extract new content, apply the associated translation memories and machine translation services, prepare a work package and the XLIFF export. This is particularly useful for fast-moving sites where content arrives quickly and time spent untranslated needs to be minimized (possibly at the expense of real-time human oversight).